Sola scriptura 1

This poem, Your namesakes?  draws parallels between the Joseph of Genesis — Joseph of the 4 Gospels, and the Zechariah of 2 Chronicles 24 — Zacharias of the Gospels, respectively.  I wanted to show that, throughout time, God’s messengers have been consistently persecuted and mistreated by people of the world (as we once were), and that the Word of God alone has been the thing used to bring us rebels to surrender our rags of righteous indignation.

For the truth which Zechariah spoke he was stoned (2 Chr 24:21); for the truth which Zacharias’ son spoke he was beheaded (Mk 6:26); for the truth which Joseph spoke he was cast into a pit (Gen 37:24); for the truth which the holy stepson of Joseph spoke He was brought as a lamb to the slaughter (Is 53:7).  And yet, as we are vile, unworthy, wretched and deserving of judgement, amazing it is that we are commanded to Sing, O barren (Is 54:1), as God in His sovereign mercy overrules, overwhelms and draws us through His Word.

The 23rd November is a special day for me, since it marks the day when I believe Christ first delivered me from my spiritual darkness, my crippling doubt, my fundamental guilt.  My prayer is that solatulip  will be a means used by the Lord (if it pleases Him) to guide you to a realisation of your deep inadequacy and need; that in your inability and uncleanness you might cry out, turn thou me, and I shall be turned; for thou art the LORD my God. (Jer 31:18)


Your namesakes?

Your namesake?

Why they slaughtered him,

between altar and sanctuary,

they’d slaughter too your only son,

the best man woman ever bore.


Your namesake?

Why they tortured him,

casting his body down a pit,

they’d torture too your own stepson,

from Whom eternal waters flow.


Your namesake?

Why they stoned him dead,

despising God’s own messenger,

they’d from your son require his head,

for Satan turned to stone their hearts.


Your namesake?

Why they ran from him,

as if he would abuse his throne,

they’d for your stepson fast with faith,

God’s Word begins with hungry souls.