Sola scriptura 3

Those who add unto or take away from the Word of God are condemned by it in the strongest terms (Rev 22:18-19).  They not only violate the 8th commandment but block the path to the City of Refuge, the Kingdom of Christ. I remember listening to a supposedly Christian radio presenter/preacher for years, but never being saved until (in God’s providential will) I heard the Word of God being faithfully and fearlessly preached by another.

The greatest care should be taken when handling the Word of God; for it was a godly man, Aaron, who facilitated false worship via the molten calf (Ex 32:4). As they brought in something else alongside true worship are we not in danger the moment we turn to a preacher, a denomination, a Bible version, a commentary, a blog or any other means to supplement or rival the inerrant God-breathed Word?

Dear heavenly Father, will I put my thoughts alongside your thoughts, my ways on a par with your ways (Is 55:8)? Will I lift up my eyes (Gen 13:10) and reason with my common sense, or will I go to the cross of Christ, the place of the altar and call on the name of the Lord (Gen 13:4)?

May these questions convict and return me to that never-failing, unquenchable, blessed Word, lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway (1 Cor 9:27).


Bible reading

Oh steal not from your Bible reading

through it God your soul is leading,

worship not your commentary

or hymnody or poetry.


Oh steal not from your meditations

God’s Word solves all situations,

tyrants are by words appeased

our Father by true hearts is pleased.


Oh steal not from daily devotions

harbour not your private notions,

holy men were moved of God

the Bible’s author’s none but God.


Oh steal not from the holy Scriptures

they’re your life, not human strictures,

heaven, earth will pass away

the Word of God each soul will weigh.