Total depravity 3

There is a tendency to look upon the sins of a believer as being somehow less serious than the sins of an unbeliever.  However, in the eyes of God all sin is abhorrent, and He before whom the hills melted like wax (Ps 97:5) and who is high above all the earth (v. 9) is too holy to dwell with or allow sin into His presence.  Could the single conspiracy of Eve and Adam, for example, be bad enough to warrant the expulsion into the wilderness of the whole human race?  Or was the human race so bad that it needed to be drowned, bar one extended family?

To the unregenerate mind the answer will always be ‘No’, whether coming from a Modernist (‘What is truth?’), Postmodernist (‘What is?’), or any other mindset.  But God is eternal and dwells far above our realm of understanding, doing great things […] which we cannot comprehend (Job 37:5).  He is under no obligation to explain anything to us; it is by His mercy alone that anyone is saved, and by grace that He has breathed the Bible into existence for our good, His glory.

To the regenerate mind the answer will be ‘Yes’, because the regeneration of the Holy Spirit in the heart has revealed one’s anti-God, sin-filled lust, hatred and pride, driving one to the Cross for forgiveness.  Not to go to Christ but to stand in self-righteousness would be unthinkable, for it would be to bring Christ down from above (Rom 10:6).  Not to go to Christ but to sit in self-pitying despair would be unthinkable, because it would be to bring up Christ again from the dead (v. 7).

What Christ has done is sufficient to cover the sins of every one who seeks and finds Him.  It is sufficient to cover ALL the sins of such a seeker turned believer.  It is sufficient and it must be sufficient, for if it is not sufficient then the believer is lost, as the ark of Noah would have been if one crack of poor workmanship had allowed one drop of water to seep in and gradually destroy the whole.

You must abandon all your deeds to the hulk of merit, in order to get into that true ark – Jesus Christ – without whom the Bible calls you dead in trespasses and sins (Eph 2:1).


Oh Lord

Oh Lord forgive me for my lust,

to You I turn from gale and gust,

without Your mercy there’s no trust,

within You there’s no speck of dust.


Oh Lord forgive me for my hate,

I bark in darkness, You’re the gate,

without Your grace my deeds dictate,

within You I will fear no fate.


Oh Lord forgive me for my pride,

to You I call, I cannot hide,

without Your blood I would have died,

within You all my sin’s outside.