Sola scriptura 4

The hath God said of Genesis 3 reverberates down the rolling centuries of time, echoed by every soul intent on rebelling against that which God has provided to leave us all without excuse, ie. Creation, the conscience and the Holy Bible which all point to and find their fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The hath first spreads that germ of doubt which enables the fallen soul to engage in sin, to allow it residence and to enact its every impulse and wayward suggestion.  The reference to God is really endeavouring to question the originating authority of the Word, and lower it to man, ie. was it really God who revealed these things, or was it not rather Adam or Moses or Paul, or anyone other than the Creator. 

The said implies a sense of disbelief, firstly that the eternal God has revealed His will to us mere mortals and secondly that God would be so particular and clear about what His law demands and how we can be delivered from its penalty.  The fallen man delights in fuzzy, mystical, subjective words that empower the self and give licence to every form of deception and sin.

The Bible, however, permits no loopholes, provides no backdoors, nor sets up an IQ test or a racial barrier/gender ceiling… But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil (Pro 1:33).

Dear reader, what price would you pay for a clear conscience and a sense of rightness and reconciliation with the holy Judge of souls?


The fallen will

‘We need material evidence!’

cry modern priests of common sense,

though of what kind they won’t define

‘What’s wrong with you with us is fine!’


‘We want specific artifacts!’

state atheists, reciting facts,

though ignorant of Bible’s content

‘With that book we’re discontent!’


‘We like those things which take us back!’

claim carbon-daters, on our back,

though missing all the vital links

‘We’re solving all you try to jinx!’


‘We worship nothing but pure science!’

sings the secular alliance,

though ironically they lie

‘We will evolve, we’ll never die!’