Sola fide 4

Oh what a difference grace makes, our faith but the mechanism through which originating grace operates, for by grace are ye saved through faith (Eph 2:8).  By gracethrough faith.  What else could explain one person being left to their own devices whilst another altered, transformed into something altogether different?

Ominous are the words Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot (Lk 22:3), and wise is s/he who realises that were it not for the grace of God through Christ, there would be nothing within ourselves that could resist the power of the devil.  Solemn are the words Satan hath desired to have you (v.31) spoken to Peter and to every soul chosen from before the creation of the world and blessed undeservedly by the Most High.

In case we are tempted to trust in the mechanism by which we are saved or the person of Peter as some kind of spiritual superman, we are reminded that all the glory belongs to God, for Peter and all redeemed rebels depend not on the faith produced within, but on the faith received from Christ above.  In this sense, our pale, pockmarked faith in Him is but the reflection of His never-failing faith in us:

                                    But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not (v.32)


I can’t

I can’t fight Satan in my strength

he knows my depth and breadth and length,

and sin is still a part of me

I’m dead, without faith’s weaponry.


I can’t resist the world alone

though worldliness I can disown,

until the day my body dies

the rebel’s voice within me cries.


I can’t depend upon my heart

for feelings congregate then part,

my mind beholds eternity

then thoughts do tend to vanity.


I can’t endure a single day

if Christ for me did never pray,

sad Peter counted on the Rock

bad Judas counted up, took stock.