Total depravity 4

From Babel to Nasa, mankind has consistently striven not merely to live, to exist, to prosper so much as to transcend, to do good, to be not just in the image of God but, as it were, to be God!  Despite our claims of cold blooded rationalism it has evidently not been enough for us to act and behave as intelligent animals, for everything about us cries worship! adore! progress! and perfect!  Sadly, that has taken a twisted turn in recent generations, and there are now core areas of human existence (eg. marriage, justice, education) in which the Creation ordinances of Genesis are barely recognisable.  Of course this has been revealed in advance by the word of God in 2 Timothy 3:1-7.

The Fall of part of the angelic order in this regard may be illuminating, in that the implied Lucifer, son of the morning is described by the inspired prophet as being self corrupted because of thy beauty and by reason of thy brightness (Eze 28:17).  It was as if the greatness of the creature could not handle the greatness of the attributes with which it was endowed, and hence would serve as a lesson for us to be content with the condition in which we find ourselves, upon the earth.

Likewise, the Fall of the human order can be instructive in that it came about not merely because of the beauty and prospect of ingesting something hidden, something extra. Rather, our self corruption came about due to a staggeringly hubristic desire to be as gods (Gen 3:5), and to make one wise (v. 6), as if being created, blessed and privileged in Eden were not enough.

Just about every movie and video game created these days, hints at a general dissatisfaction with the human condition as it is, and a desire to somehow transcend it in a super-human or techno-miraculous way.  We are in dire need of heeding that kingly cry of David which can help to put us in our rightful place, reminding us of the blessing of not just existing in outer space but being created vessels of the omniscient Creator ….  Put them in fear, O LORD: that the nations may know themselves to be but men (Ps 9:20).


This dying world

To threaten man’s autonomy

his third world, false economy,

is that which truly does offend

for then this rule of self must end.


To say this is a dying world

the remedy in Christ unfurled,

upsets the human applecart

our kingdoms perishing, with art.


To say we’re sinners from the Fall

that Adam sinned so then did all,

upends our see-saw of good deeds

and sends us to Another’s deeds.


To threaten man with punishment

is what the world thought Moses meant,

but Jesus came to die for you

in Him you die, to rise anew.