Limited atonement 4

In every era there seem to be certain challenges to the Word of God; different but fundamentally the same set of challenges manifesting themselves in apparently different ways.  In the days when the Lord of Glory walked among us in the flesh, it is a remarkable thing to consider those who witnessed visible miracles occurring before their very eyes and yet still did not come to Christ for salvation.  Solemn is the following reply to the apparent pleas for outward signs and blessings or as modern secular apologists might say, ‘evidence’:

But I said unto you, That ye also have seen me, and believe not.  All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.  (Jn 6:36-37)

In these days of techno-dolatry, Western led culture seems to mirror this challenge of demanding to have in our hands a set of proofs or body of satisfying evidence.  We are often media led to consider the ‘scientific evidence vs. religious faith’ debate, as if it represents twin towers which must ever remain apart and at war.  Here, though, the Lord addresses those who would make a ‘god’ of evidence, who would make evidence the litmus test of faith, as if the one could eventually evolve into the other, given enough time.

The truth is that, no matter how much evidence we have the human heart is hardened, deadened, resistant and hostile to the gracious Light of the world.  The ‘evidence vs. faith’ debate is a false one, a smokescreen which Satanically blinds us to the true battle within.  For we WILL not come to Christ in submissive repentance and faith.  We WILL not let the glorious Light of conviction and conversion in.  We WILL not admit or listen to the evidence of Creation and conscience because our hearts are full of rebellion, sin and self righteousness, loving darkness rather than light (Jn 3:19).

The Lord came to save specific sinners who were chosen in Him before time began.  It is not that the Creator’s salvation is diluted by the creature but that salvation is a sovereign thing which is entirely of God’s (to us) mysterious will.  There is no one who is excluded from the call to come to Christ but (as God has foreordained) many have excluded themselves by refusing to dwell upon the claims of the Bible, rendering it ‘Classified’, top secret, something which threatens to swallow up their declaration of human independence.

It needn’t be you if you will but seek God on His terms, not on your own.



Blind Bartimaeus, short Zacchaeus,

simply were not satisfied,

one had too much, one not enough,

extremists both, we cast aside.


And then the Lord came walking by,

one on Him spied, one to Him cried, 

the Lord looked at them, rich and poor,

He took one’s rags, the other’s pride.


Blind Bartimaeus, faithfully,

got up, as Christ drew him aside,

while short Zacchaeus, joyfully,

shared out his gold, with Christ inside.


How treacherous – the seeing eye,

inverting every image spied,

distorting all – the fallen mind,

a ‘god’ that says that God has lied!